Winning the Fight

67 year old Randy Jones, Padre Icon and head of the Foundation, was diagnosed back in November with throat cancer. Once finding out, he underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Randy lost his sense of taste a long with some weight.
However, this month, one of the greatest victories happened. Randy Jones showed up to PetCo Park and had a very emotional and happy announcement.
“It’s an emotional day for me. Jones said. All the support has been great. I know there is still a lot of work to do. I don’t mind weighing 173, but I think I should weigh a ¬†little more than that right now. Overall, I’m just thrilled that all the hard work the last few months has worked out, and¬†I’m cancer free.”
Randy is now focusing on rebuilding his strength and of course his taste buds. While also being extremely positive and reminding people that they can do it too if they are struggling.
We couldn’t be happier for Randy, his family and friends for this great news.

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