The Path Victory

After hearing from us about our winners’ once and a lifetime experience at Pebble Beach, we got to hear about the foursomes path to victory.

Taking it back in time, the team qualified for the Randy Jones Invitational on behalf of the ABOTA Foundation. After qualifying it was them trying to beat their placement from the previous year, where they came in 3rd overall. The road to victory was not easy, it rained and it rained hard as many of you I am sure remember. However, James, one of the players from the winning foursome said “the rain was not a big factor: he continued to tell us that the only downside was having to wear rain gear as it changes your swing. Although James said it wasn’t a struggle other teams and players didn’t fare as well in the unwanted weather.

We asked James what his favorite part of this years Invitational was and he said before day 2 when him and his buddies met at Full Swing and warmed up together.

Being all pumped up from their warm up and their motivation to do better than last year they were prepped and ready to go. They managed to shoot 19 under!

James finished by telling us that winning was like “finally climbing to the top of a mountain”

The excitement was contagious. We are happy all players had a great experience and we are looking forward to seeing how this coming years’ Invitational will turn out and who will win

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