A Time for Remembrance and Celebration

Many of us will use this weekend as the unofficial kick off to the summer season. But it is way more than just a 3-day weekend and a chance to get sunburn.


Memorial Day, originally known as Declaration Day, became an official federal holiday after the Civil War. The holiday is used to celebrate all the men and woman who have passed while serving in the U.S military protecting us and our freedom.


Although this holiday is very solemn, we have many different ways we tend to celebrate that make it much more light hearted. Cities all over the country will host parades incorporating military personnel and veteran organizations. Many others will host or attend a barbeque or party with family and friends surrounding them.


Whether you are choosing to visit a cemetery or memorial, attend or participate in a parade or be among family and friends this weekend, remember the fallen and show your gratitude.


We would like to wish everyone a safe, fun and sunshine filled weekend and thank all those who have served and who currently are for your sacrifices to protect our nation.

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