A Tournament of Winners

Looking back at the 4th Annual Randy Jones Invitational, we realized that putting it on wouldn’t be possible without all the help and support from all our volunteers and sponsors.

We recently got a chance to talk to one of our sponsors, Corky’s Pest Control. We found out a little about the relationship started between Corky’s and The Randy Jones Foundation.

Turns out Corkys’ and Randys’ first encounter was back when Randy started playing for the Padres. A gift was made for Randy and was going to be presented at the stadium. Corky was the one who presented Randy with the gift the blacksmith made. After that, the next contact the two had was when Randy was an announcer and they became business affiliates from Corky sponsoring the radio show.

From there things continued and Corky stated that “ Corky’s will always be a part of the Randy Jones Invitational, as long as Randy wants.” If that’s the case, we will be working closely with Corky’s Pest Control for a very long time.

Corky continued to say “The tournament is such great fun for so many people, how he (Randy) runs the tournament is absolutely amazing. To win his tournament is really something… It’s basically a tournament of winners.”

We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and support and can not wait for next year!

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