I’ve spent a lifetime in the game of baseball; I was given an opportunity to get involved in sports early on in my life. By having this opportunity, I was able to reach the pinnacle in 1976 by becoming the best pitcher in the National League and receiving the Cy Young Award. Not all kids are given this opportunity. The Randy Jones Foundation has been established to change that.

Here in San Diego, a city with many military residents, there are many kids who miss out on fun events and programs because their parents are in the military. For the kids whose parents are away fighting for our freedom and defending our country, or have paid the ultimate price in doing so, these kids are left behind with little opportunities to take part in engaging outdoor activities and sports events, which are a fundamental part of childhood.

Our mission is clear; we want to provide kids from military families the opportunity to get involved in sports and outdoor activities.

All of the money raised will go directly to support the kids of military families. We are also working towards a scholarship fund to ensure the futures of these kids and keep them involved with the sports they enjoy.